Author: Monette Satterfield

Take Inspiration with Ultra Violet Swatches

Sending you a Heliotrope Hello!


Last week we talked about the newly announced color of the year – Ultra Violet – and how you can use it as a creative inspiration.


To help you visualize, I put together a few inspiration images with related color swatches. To make it even easier to use, they’re together in this handy PDF download.


Some of the images produce vibrant palettes and others are more muted, but they all have shades of purple in common.

Try it!

Find, or take, a picture that speaks to you. Then, study the image for the colors that  call out to you – it helps to squint – and sample 3 to 6 of them with paint, markers, colored pencils, etc.

It may take more than one set of colors to get a combination you like. The resulting palette is cohesive and makes a perfect start to a project.

In the meantime, get started with these swatches and see what you can make!
Tell me about your creations – I love to hear from you!

Color of the Year – Nonsense or Creative Fuel?

Ultra Violet? What am I supposed to do with that?

You’ve probably heard that Pantone (the company that’s king of color) has announced the color they’re predicting to be THE color of 2018 for fashion, home goods, pretty much everywhere.

It’s…Ultra Violet.

Say whaaaaat? It’s not the most approachable color in the version they presented. So, what are creative folks supposed to do with that?

I took it as a challenge to work some version of it into a mixed media piece. I started with a Pinterest mood board and then chose a set of about 5 colors that reflected that feeling but less aggressive than Ultraviolet itself.

The final pieces are lighter and softer than the actual inspiration color, but that’s the point: it was inspiration, not an order.

The thing to remember is you’re in charge! Take the idea and turn it into your creative expression – from home decor to baking to music and dance: take joy from it!

New Year, New Projects

Do you make resolutions? I don’t but that doesn’t mean I’m immune to the whiff of freshness around the start of the year. Which means new things are developing in the studio – bigger, brighter things! I’ll keep you posted…

How do you take inspiration for your creative life? Send me a note about it!


Pretty Things in Stock Now:

Because Everyone Likes to Have Toys – Even Grownups

So, here’s a pretty toy just for you!

Holly Jolly Hello!

Do you play enough? You know, just play. I think we forget to do that when we get caught up adulting all the time. And, being creative is rooted in playfulness.

To help you get started, here’s a book that is a toy: The Paper Play Book, Strawberry Edition. It’s designed for you to tear it apart, cut it up and use the papers to art play.

It’s printed in full color and includes two sets of the watercolor strawberry and swashes clip art as well as 20 coordinating pattern sheets that aren’t available anywhere else. If you love the Watercolor Strawberries digital set, this book is all that and more!

It’s available directly from Amazon, along with the cute little notebooks in this newsletter edition, so that means you can get it with your Amazon Prime and have it sooner. That’s a win for creative play!

Making Art, Making Play

I’ve been making art in different directions lately – some mixed media, some portraiture, some figural works, some in completely uncharted directions. A big part of that is exploring new ways to share the joy of creating. This paper play book was born out of this process of trying new things.

Have you tried something new lately?

Gifts for Everyone – Including You

Artsy Holiday Help is Here

Did December surprise you too? It just suddenly appeared all holiday-ish and jolly. Wow – I guess we’d better get moving!
To help you out with that, I’ve put together a gift guide for creative folks. It’s a bit of inspiration for you or a subtle hint for someone near and dear. You’ll find it further down.

 Creepy Little Doll Heads on My Work Table

 My creative practice usually includes cycling around several, sometimes widely varying, projects at the same time. I’ve found  that works best for me after unsuccessfully trying to regiment myself to one thing at a time.
Lately, I’ve come back to doll making and started a new series of mixed media art dolls. My interest has been centering more on the head so I carved a foam skull and used a type of paper mache to form a base for more mixed media work to follow.
Here’s a short video explaining the process and where these may go, you can see more here:

Free Download – Holiday Gift Guide

Get your gifting into gear! Download this free, clickable shopping guide with gift ideas for your creative friends and you too!
Go ahead and get your copy now.
Because I’m always exploring new things, there’s something exciting coming soon to the shop. Right now, it’s still in early stages and isn’t quite ready. But, here’s a hint: artful fabric patterns!

How is your creative life going?


Too Early for Halloween? Nope!

It’s never too early for the spooky season here in the studio. I’m working on something Halloween-ish  pretty frequently.

How about you? Do you boo all year round?