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Too Hot! Too Cold! Just Right!

The three bears
Creative Commons License photo credit: Michael C Clark

True Story: Color Me Crazy

Margeaux Smith is crazy about color so she started a business based on that, and economic necessity. As she says, “I started this company partly because I was tired of the boring, drab, old-lady colors that everything was made in and partly to help pay for student loans.” She makes one of a kind crochet hats and scarves in her distinctive palette. “I like wild, vibrant, bright colors,” she says. Read more

Why Artists are Good at Business

Magnified Dollar
Creative Commons License photo credit: Brooks Elliott

Successful creative workers make something and then relentlessly pursue ways to improve. To make progress as an artist in any field you must be able to critically assess your own work.

These same skills apply to improving your creative business. It’s not scary; you do it all the time. Let’s use some examples to break it down and show how these ideas apply to your business. Read more

How are Sheep and Free Cell Phones Alike?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Brainedge

We’ve all seen these offers: Free Cell phone! Free Credit Report! Low Monthly Payments!

They’re so friendly, like the fluffy sheep at the petting zoo (maybe a little smelly but in that good, earthy kind of way).

Their happy bleats are enticing: Only $10 a month to join the Business Hotline Reporting News, or just $20 to monitor who’s checking you out on the I-Quiz Social Network, or pennies a day for the Porridge-of-the-month club. You get all warm and fuzzy petting the little critters and decide to adopt them. It feels good to take them home and the monthly feedings seem easy enough to handle, so it’s not going to hurt anything. Read more