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Tutorial: Mixed Media Collage Using Digital Printable Tags, Specialty Paint Technique and Embellishments

1Front Cover

I’ve been working with paint and paper and other stuff all together (the fancy term for that is “Mixed Media”) to make a Collage Journal Cover and wanted to share what I came up with. You can download the 7-page PDF tutorial for full instructions with pictures on my other site,

A Project to Get Moving

I’ve been unwell lately and making things always seems to help. A kind friend gave me this little roughly 5 x 7 notebook from the dollar store. It was just the nudge to get me started!

While you’ll find more information in the tutorial, the gist of it is that I removed the covers from the notebook and painted them (both sides) with a metallic bronze acrylic craft paint. Then using the Steampunk Time Passing set of four tags, I glued two on each cover.

Steampunk Time Tags EMU1

Fun With Paint

The next step was the fun part: crackle painting! Instead of commercial crackle medium, I used plain white glue as the medium and then over-coated that with cream acrylic paint.

Finishing Up and Moving On

Next came embellishments and final touches. Last, I sealed the whole thing with spray sealer and put it back together. It was a fun project – not too involved but very satisfying. The perfect thing to get moving again!

Feel free to share this tutorial with anyone you think will like it, but please don’t use it commercially or claim ownership of it. If you liked this and found it helpful, I’d love to hear from you and learn about your project.

On My Worktable: Artist Hand Painted Textures – For Creating Art Journals and Digital Scrapbooking

I’ve been experimenting with hand painted textures lately and have something fresh off my painting table for you.

Hand Painted Neutral Textures 6 Sheets

I love working with color in it’s pure form and seeing the lovely mixtures it makes. These neutral texture paintings are the first in this new series and I learned from them. They’re great as a backdrop for something graphic like typography.


Rosy Hues EMU3

The next trial was inspired by the multitude of pinks in the plain old-fashioned roses in my garden. These rosy hues are softer and the texture is less pronounced. They look fabulous behind this vintage floral illustration and would also make floral photography just pop!




Rosy Hues Sample EMU

Any of these would also make a great “paper” for a digital scrapbook layout or an art journal page. You can find both of them in the DigitalPapercrafting shop on Etsy.

What have you been working on! Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

Black Eye Susan Chalk Pastel Print

Here’s the update on the Black Eyed Susan drawing from a few days ago. It finished nicely into a print (it takes almost as long to get ready to print as it does to do the art!) and led to several more drawings of fruit in the same series. You can see all of them in the print shop.

I’m in the process of trying out print options and a new printer for nicer prints and paper. Stay tuned for that!

Also, since this is turning into an update on all the things type post – would anyone be interested in how-to videos or courses? I get lots of questions about technique and such and wonder if I should develop something like that – what do you think? Drop me line and let me know. I answer EVERY single email, so go ahead and send one.

Is it Wrong to be Infatuated with a Pencil Sharpener?

Maybe, or maybe not when it’s this pretty and works so well.

I just love this little red sharpener I found on Amazon. It’s a Westcott brand battery powered iPoint and was around $10. It’s about the size of a large apple and metallic red. It makes me smile every time I look at it. AND, so far anyway, it has sharpened every pencil I’ve put in it to a lovely point. I’ve had it for several months now and still no battery changes or problems so I thought it was time to share the love.

Anyone else have a tool or supply that just makes your day?

What I’m working on – Black Eyed Susan Pastel Pencil Drawing

Here’s a quick photo of what’s on my drawing table. I’ve been feeling the urge to draw and work with dry media lately. The first drawing was a super simple graphite shaded drawing that looked heavy and smudgy. So, I rummaged around my art supplies and found an old set of chalk pastel pencils and did a second drawing (it’s a green gourd – I’ll scan it soon) that was better but still less than subtle.

Of course new art supplies were already on the way – this set of 24 Carb-Othello pastel pencils from Amazon – so that’s what I used for this drawing. I like the chalk pastel pencils because of the way they lay down clean bright color without getting my hands dirty (‘cause I hate that.) They’re blendable too which helps set the pigments on the paper so the finished drawing isn’t so fragile.

I’m still not completely thrilled with how static this looks, but it’s and improvement, I’m trying for a light touch – almost casual – but with nuance in the colors and shading while keeping a sense of life. That sounds tough, doesn’t it? I’m also still on the fence about a background of some sorts. I had planned it to start but the clean look is nice too. What do you think?