Play and Creativity

Mixed Media Background with Mannequin

Play and Creativity

I took this photo on a whim because I was playing with my little man and thought he might like to help me with the pencils. The background is a mixed media piece that’s literally been laying around the studio waiting to find a purpose. The whole thing just makes me smile.

Making art is sometimes made out to be so serious but really valuable art comes from the freedom to play. So, I ask you: Do you play enough?



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Inspiration Prompt Cards for Art Journaling

Art Journal Prompt Cards

The background is ready, but now what? Start with an inspiration card and go from there! A fast and low-stress way to start and art journal page. What’s your secret for starting a page?

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Start an Art Journal the Easy Way with Studio Scraps

Artist Journal Pages

Start an Art Journal Easily with Scrap Papers

These pages are from an art journal I made using sample and test papers. It’s hard to tell that they’re really just scrap and throw away papers from my studio, isn’t it?

The best part is that they’re already started – no blank pages!

We all have sample sheets for new techniques and art supplies and those throw away papers are the perfect starting point for your next art journal. They take on a completely new character when folded and bound with other pages and add complexity and depth to your art journal.

Have you used your studio scrap lately?

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