Knitting, Crochet and Books in Progress!

It’s been a while, but I’ve talked with my editor (a lovely and gracious woman) at Kalmbach Publishing who also published my first book (see it here) about blogging the development and writing of a book. As long as I don’t use specific material from the books, I can share the process here.

Right now, I am working on two books – one each for new knitters and new crocheters. We’re actually well into it now and are at the pattern drafting stage. That means making swatches, working out the math and then putting it together into a project that works.

This morning, I’ve just finished a swatch with a nice Bam Boo yarn from Classic Elite. It’s really lovely and drapes beautifully. It puts me in mind of nice summer weight things -things that we can actually wear here in Florida! I’ll put that idea on my ever growing list of things to do when the books are done.

One other fabulous thing I stumbled on – the wrist yarn holder by Lacis (here) This is great! It lets me make swatches and other work while standing and walking around. I’m working up to taking it with me on my morning walk.

A Completed Sweater – Too Little, Too Late

Well, that title just about sums it up. I mentioned starting another sweater for my goddaughter in my last post, and it’s finished. Here’s a peek:

The problem is that the temperature here is in the mid eighties to low nineties now. That is definitely too late! As for the too little part, it’s very likely to be too small by the time cool temperatures roll around in November or so. Even though I made it purposely large, she will have probably outgrown it by then.

Oh well, nothing to do now but move on. That’s what I’ve done with the next little girl project. Because it is warm now, it seemed that a lacy, feminine vest/overdress would be a good choice. Because knitting and crochet have different “personalities,” they lend themselves to different applications. This idea is the basis for my book, Knit & Crochet Combined: Best of Both Worlds.

For this new project, I chose to crochet because I like the look and feel of that technique for this type of garment. It has a substantial hand and nice drape and weight. Using a cotton blend yarn keeps it from being too hot – an important consideration here. Another thing crochet has going for it is that it is faster for me than knitting for a similar size item. Maybe this one will be done in time for her to wear it! Here is a preview:

The bodice is a denser wavy shell stitch while the skirt is a much lacier wave stitch pattern. Since it is meant to be worn over another outfit, the neck and arms are a little more open. The yarn may or may not give out, so I’ll have some decisions to make regarding the front bands and the edgings, if any, when I reach that point.

Update on the Pirate-Princess Cardigan

After Sue’s kind words, her comment here, I realized that I never reported back on the reception the sweater received.

The sweater was a hit – for about two minutes – then our goddaughter took a tumble on a sofa in the lobby and seriously cut her lower lip. She was pretty upset by that, naturally, but was comforted by her mom. Thankfully, no stitches required.

A side note about this little accident. With tears streaming down her face, she asked for YoGos. I found a package in the bag and offered a couple to her. The tears stopped like magic!! I had never seen them before, but her parents apparently never go without them. I can surely see why.

We went on to have a lovely breakfast with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. The incident in the morning didn’t seem to dampen the day too much.

Anyway, the next time we saw them, Allanna was wearing the sweater constantly and her mom reports that it gets lots of use. I’m just happy that she liked it and didn’t associate it with anything unpleasant.

I have started another, much simpler sweater, for her as well. Just a plain pullover, but it is looking more like it will be for next year as we are almost past sweater weather here. It is hot pink, knit in the round, and will maybe have bright purple stripes on the yoke.

Here it is in progress:

Knit & Crochet Combined Best of Both Worlds

That’s the title of my new book, out in April from Kalmbach Books. Just last week, my advance copies arrived. I had no idea how proud, and just down right excited, this would make me.

There are 15 projects that combine knitting with crochet to take advantage of the different characteristics of each technique. Knitting and crochet have distinctly different identities and it doesn’t make sense to ask one to do the job of the other.

Coming up, I’ll be sharing more on the book and how it came into being. For now, you can see the basics on it here.

Take a look, drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.

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