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If you’re a business or technical professional struggling with producing a creative project to move your business forward, I can help.

I’ll demystify the creative process and show you how to use it to produce measureable results in your business by creating projects you’ve only dreamed about.

What kinds of projects? Books, e-books, web pages, videos – the entire set of visual-verbal communications is at your service.

If you’ve got something in mind and don’t know how or where to start, tell me about your dream project and let’s get it started.

Books, E-books, Editing

I’ll help you plan a book from start to finish and write (ghost or not) the content and show you how to publish it on various platforms. If you’ve started a draft and need someone to have a look, I’ll edit your existing draft into a sparkling product.


Not all writers feel this way, but I like doing editing work. It’s satisfying to polish someone’s rough work and I’m very gentle with the original’s intent and voice. – Monette Satterfield


Web Site Content

Your website is you, on the web; make it sparkle! Visitors to your site form that all-important first impression from the way your site looks, feels and, especially, from what it says. Make sure yours is well spoken.

Press Kits, Media Sheets, Promotional Materials

Introduce yourself and your company with media materials designed to make you shine. I’ll work with you to plan and produce a fact sheet, media bio or full press kit that is tailored to your needs and showcases your expertise.

Informational, Educational and Speaker Videos

You know that everyone is watching and sharing videos, so why not be a star in your own production? I’ll help you conceive and execute your own business trailer, book trailer or speaker sizzle reel to showcase your unique message!

camera film

I’m very impressed with the video Monette made for me. I especially like the checkered flag design that she incorporated into the video. Now, I’m able to show my video to promote sales of my photos.  –Cheryl Poindexter,



How much does this cost? Most projects start in the 50 cents to 3 dollars per word range, depending on the medium and the things specific to that project. BUT, while this kind of directed creativity isn’t cheap, it can be flexible. If you’ve got an exciting, unusual or downright odd project in mind, let’s talk about it.




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