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Let Shiny Designs create a video that makes you shine! You know that everyone is watching and sharing videos, so why not be a star in your own production? Now, you can have your very own custom business trailer, book trailer or speaker sizzle reel to showcase your unique message!


I’m very impressed with the video Monette made for me. I especially like the checkered flag design that she incorporated into the video. Now, I’m able to show my video to promote sales of my photos. I highly recommend Monette at Shiny Designs for all your videos!

-Cheryl Poindexter,

It’s never been easier to get your own high quality promotional video to use in any way you choose:

  • Your website – drawing in consumers to purchase books
  • YouTube
  • Social media websites to create awareness and drive traffic
  • Email campaigns
  • As part of your digital media kit / media release
  • Continuous loop video promotion on screen in physical venues
  • As an emailed video presentation
  • For authors: previews of your book to potential book clubs
  • For speakers: a demo reel for potential bookings


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 Can I supply my own pictures, footage and/or music?

Yes, most of the media for your video should come from you. However, if the quality is an issue, we may have to introduce other sources from our extensive library. That’s because image and music quality are incredibly important in creating video for the web.

As part of the pre-work review, if it looks like something is amiss, we’ll talk with you before beginning about other media or sources.

You will have to verify that you have the copyright release for any material that you didn’t specifically create. While we don’t search for copyright issues, we do reserve the right to refuse to use material or stop work entirely if copyright infringement becomes an issue.

What do I have to send you?

That depends on the type of video and how long it is. You’ll get a pre-production checklist of media we need for your custom video. But, in general, for a 15 second video, you’ll have to provide 6-10 media units which include your logo/branding materials or actual raw video clips.

Why so much stuff?

Video is a media intensive product. It takes an amazing amount of images/footage to produce even a 15 sec video and most of it is ultimately not used. That said, the more you have to choose from the better the final video.

Why do Book Trailers cost less?

A promotional video for a book is a very specific type of video that requires less pre-production planning as well as being less media intensive.

OK, I want a video, now what?

Once you’ve provided the materials and we’ve done the pre-production review you’ll get our standard contract to sign and send a partial payment for us to get started. Then, your video goes into production and your rough draft will be ready by the time stated in the contract – that’s usually within 2 weeks.

 How many revisions do I get and how does that work?

You’ll get a rough draft to review then a tight draft for a total of two rounds of basic revisions included in your base price. Any revisions beyond that are billed at an hourly rate.

Basic changes that are included in the draft round of alterations for your video trailer include:

  • Simple text changes (adding or removing words)
  • Changes in font choice, size, or color
  • Corrections or additions to factual information
  • Changes to audio levels
  • Changes to text-only backgrounds such as color
  • Image choice / effects / amount or part displayed
  • Song choices

Once you’ve approved the rough draft, the second round of revisions only applies to changes such as:

  •  Simple text changes (adding or removing words)
  • Changes in font choice, size, or color
  • Corrections or additions to factual information
  • Changes to audio levels

Changes beyond these are billed separately.

It’s finished, now what?

Once the drafts are final and you’ve made full payment for your video, you will own all rights to your video trailer, with the exception of any licensed materials you may have chosen.

NOTE: You are responsible for securing and backing up your digital video file once delivered.


[toggle_content title=”Business Trailers (Click here for more info.)”]

Showcase your business with a custom trailer that hits the highlights and catches your customer’s attention.


  • Silver 15 seconds $250
  • Gold 30 seconds $450
  • Platinum 45 seconds $599

Extras: Interview or voice over: $75


[toggle_content title=”Book Trailers (Click here for more info.)”]

Give readers an amazing introduction and preview to your book with a video book trailer. What better way to hook your reader with an exciting, focused, video that shows the reader the story and makes them want read your book?


  • Silver 15 seconds $199
  • Gold 30 seconds $350
  • Platinum 45 seconds $499

Extras: Author voice-over or commentary: $75


[toggle_content title=”Speaker Sizzle Reels (Click here for more info.)”]

Don’t tell what a great speaker you are – show it! A speaker demo will help you get more and better professional speaking engagements. What better way to show your style, skill and ability to planners and agents?


  • Silver 15 seconds $250
  • Gold 30 seconds $450
  • Platinum 45 seconds $599
  • Long Version ~2 minutes custom quote available


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