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Too Hot! Too Cold! Just Right!

The three bears
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True Story: Color Me Crazy

Margeaux Smith is crazy about color so she started a business based on that, and economic necessity. As she says, “I started this company partly because I was tired of the boring, drab, old-lady colors that everything was made in and partly to help pay for student loans.” She makes one of a kind crochet hats and scarves in her distinctive palette. “I like wild, vibrant, bright colors,” she says. Read more

When is Paper an Immoveable Object?

level 36 bureaucrat
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When it keeps you from your goals. So many people I work with are waiting – on hold. They say “I’ll be ready to go when my business cards are finished,” or “I’ve got to get my brochures ready before I can start.” The paper, or lack of it, is paralyzing.

Let’s face it, starting a business can be scary and anything we find that delays the big moment of saying “I’m in business” keeps us comfortable. The comfort is extended but so is the paralysis.

Stuff You Don’t Need to Start Your Business

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Marketing Material

Yes, it’s nice to have these tangible notices of being a legitimate business owner but the real validation is in your own belief. When you say it, it’s true. The more you say it, the more you believe it and so will everyone else.

What paper are you looking for? Let me know in a note or a comment and let’s see how to get around that obstacle.