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Do you want a fun and satisfying way to express yourself and grow your creativity? Start an Art Journal! Art Journaling isn’t complex or difficult and it isn’t only for “artists.” You can do this!

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That’s Right! A whole book explaining all about art journaling and smash booking to help you get started.


The Art Journal FAQ is a fun and easy to read 15 page EBook about making and keeping an Art Journal that expresses your unique creativity.

You’ll find answers to questions ranging from what an Art Journal is to tips that make your journal time enjoyable and creative. You’ll learn about materials and supplies and the different styles of journal you can keep so you’ll be able to choose the perfect journal for you.

Then, you’ll find practical answers to questions like “What if I’m stuck?” and “Can I fix a page?” as well as a list of prompts and an old “artist’s trick” to start a page. But, most important, you’ll find the encouragement and support to be freely creative and find your own voice.

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Want to know more?

Here’s an example of the answers you’ll find:

What is an Art Journal?

Well, I’m not exactly sure because it’s such an individual and personal creation, but I can say what it’s NOT. It’s not perfect or perfectly orderly. It’s not just a diary or only text or only images. It can be wholly digital, all physical or a combination of the two.  It isn’t made with a special pen, ink, paint, glue or software. It’s not any particular shape or size; it may not even be a book.

What if I don’t think I’m artistic enough?

So what? You are a human being with thoughts, emotions and experiences and that’s what fuels an art journal. Record those things in whatever way you feel best expresses them; that’s all you need to do.

That’s just to get started!