Hello – I’m glad you’re here!

Thanks for joining us in a creative collaboration. We’ll be working on various projects together and sharing and connecting with our art. The projects range from simple challenges, to swaps to round-robins and more. Each one is separate and coordinated by email so be sure to check your emails and confirm you want to get those updates.

How Does This Work?

Generally, I’ll put together a project and announce it via my regular Studio Updates and Instagram. Then, after you sign up and confirm that you’re receiving the email instructions, you’ll be able to join the project group.

Does it Cost Anything?

Sometimes. I charge a small amount for some projects (which will vary depending on the materials and complexity) to cover the costs of administrating and coordinating the project and any materials sent to you. You’ll receive the link to join by purchasing after you confirm your sign up. Some projects will be free to join but still require confirmation that you’re participating.

What Happens if I Can’t Finish?

Life throws us all off once in a while so there’s no need to stress over it. That said, it’s really important that you only join when you feel that you can devote some time to completing the project. Some projects will be more interconnected so that other people will be depending on your portion being done to continue. Don’t worry, in cases of emergency and flake-outs, I have a backup plan so that no one is left out.

What About Social Media?

You’re free to share your work and experiences on any of the socials that you like and use. I’ll occasionally share updates and project images on Instagram. If you post your work and tag me (@shinydesigns) on Instagram and let me know it’s OK, I’ll share that as well.

I’ve chosen not to conduct the projects themselves on Social Media to be able to offer a smaller, private space for our collaboration.

What if I Need Help?

Just send me a note or reply to one of the project emails. I’ll be right here and ready to help!

New projects are on the way so, so watch your inbox for updates – subscribers are the first to know! You can sign up here and get a free phone wallpaper background as a bonus.

I’m so glad you’re here and I’m looking forward to sharing creativity with you!