Home and Garden Needlework

Gnome Craft – In My Garden!

I took a little break from finishing up the latest book, Let’s Crochet! and did something completely different. This is a little gnome doll made with a wire armature body and wool felt clothing. He posed in my potted plant and then had to take a stroll in the garden. The inspiration was a book […]

Home and Garden

A Hummingbird in My Garden

A hummingbird came to my garden for the first time! It was here yesterday and checked the feeder my friend Carolyn gave me. Naturally, the feeder was empty because I’ve never used it for that. It’s been for decorative purposes only. So, maybe 10 minutes after I saw the bird, I had hummingbird food made […]

Creating Home and Garden

Spray Paint – What’s not to Love?

GLITTER SPRAY! Yes, you saw that correctly. Glitter that comes in a spray can. I love this stuff. From Krylon, it comes in five colors. I have the gold but am just aching to try the “Magical Multicolor”. It’s a sparkly glitter with small particle size (as you would expect to come out of a […]


Postcards from My Garden

A card for a friend – it’s ready to go in the mail tomorrow. These little 4×6 postcards are just the thing to keep in practice with paints and such when time is short. I sketched the plant and flower head in pencil, quickly painted with watercolor, lettered and inked with a black gel pen. […]

Creating Needlework

What is it with Starting Projects?

We’ve talked about UFO’s , those unfinished objects lurking in tote bags and closets, now let’s have a look at the other side of that story. Starting projects is fun, fun, fun, but it does have a dark side. Many of them turn into UFO’s with time passing and interest waning. So, why start so […]