Drawing Painting

Magic Stuff, Silly Stuff, and Shiny Stuff!

This is the first sketch of an idea and it turned out the best. That seems to happen a lot for me. The sketch, even if it’s very rough, is often more interesting than a more refined version.

Home and Garden

Flowers and Food – A Day in May

Here’s what caught my eye this morning in the yard and garden (the yard-en, perhaps?) These geraniums are from a day or two ago but they’re so enthusiastic, I had to include them. The plant is several years old and is in a worn-out galvanized metal bucket that I drilled a few holes in to […]


The Call to Create

I have a beaded rock. Now that’s not something everyone has and I’m pleased to own one. It’s a small rock, about the size of a wild bird egg but thicker in the middle. In its old life, it was a smooth river washed pebble of unknown color.