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Product Description Makeover: Three Tips to Sell Your Stuff!

Product Description Makeover

Everybody Loves a Makeover

Today we’re tackling a product description for soap – beer soap. That’s right, soap made from beer. The brave and kind Delisa Carnegie, who leads the Creativity Rebellion and also makes soap agreed to let me share the before and after versions of her product description. Continue reading Product Description Makeover: Three Tips to Sell Your Stuff!

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Raw Art – Come Journaling Along


If you’re reading this in an email, thank you! As I’ve been sorting through my creative selves, it’s become obvious that my art and pattern design needs its own separate home here at If you’re subscribed to receive email notices of posts about art and the creative life, that’s exactly what you’ll get on the same semi infrequent basis as always.

For those of you who signed up for business writing, that’s now over at Shiny (with an all new eye-popping design with a pink rabbit) so please head on over there and sign up. I hope you’ll stay with me here too because it all comes from the same creative well.

Create for Yourself

How long has it been since you made art just for yourself? For some of us, the answer is too long. My friend from Wholly Piecemeal mentioned this book: Raw Art Journaling. Continue reading Raw Art – Come Journaling Along