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Happy Haunting Printable Halloween Sticker Sheet

For paper and digital layouts!

Sticker your paper and digital pages with happy haunts. You get 15 assorted stickers that play well with the Happy Haunting Ghost Moon Printable Tags. They’re perfect for printing on cardstock, sticker paper or in digital layouts. Continue reading Happy Haunting Printable Halloween Sticker Sheet

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Alice in Wonderland Digital Altered Art Kit

The Alice Files Contact Sheet

Here’s Alice in a whole new light! Use this digital altered art kit to put Alice in your own wonderland. You’ll get nine carefully chosen backgrounds and textures that are both bright and distressed at the same time along with the classic “Alice” illustrations. The combination of traditional and modern is electric! Continue reading Alice in Wonderland Digital Altered Art Kit

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Alice in Wonderland Gone Digital

Widescreen Alice Wallpaper Digital Art

I’ve been dabbling in digital and altered art and it’s … addictive!

The image at the top of the post (which is free to download here)  is just one of a series of four that I did based on the classic Alice in Wonderland line drawings by Tenniel. I started with the illustrations and searched my (steadily growing!) libray of backgrounds and other images to pair with them. After layering brights with textures and adding those splotches and blotches I dearly love, I arrived at these digital paintings and decided to collect the files into a kit.

This is a brave new world for me and there’s definitely a lot to learn ! If you’re interested in the digital side of art or have a story to share, let me know or leave a comment.

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Frogs Altered Art Digital Kit

Altered Art Frog Digital Kit Contact Sheet

Hop to It! Use this digital altered art kit to create your own personal artwork and digital scrapbook layout. You get a carefully chosen and edited collection of distressed and swampy backgrounds that work beautifully with the sharp graphic elements. You’ll be in frog heaven! Continue reading Frogs Altered Art Digital Kit

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What the Heck is This? The Answer and the Winner of the Digital Altered Art Cards

A Budding Pineapple

It’s a pineapple!


Last week I posted that I was feeling both generous and sneaky but it looks like I’m not going to end up doing very well at either (sigh.)

The observant and brave Lorraine was the only one to venture an answer and she was spot on. So, she’s going to get a copy of my limited edition digital collection as a prize.

Printable Tags – Honey Bees

Apparently, I wasn’t sneaky enough with my top-down view of the budding pineapple nor am I going to be able to give away more of the artwork. Now, if anyone has an idea to help me give away a few more of these printable tags, I’m all ears!

Congratulations Lorraine and thank you kindly for playing along – Enjoy your digital cards!