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Introducing the Shiny Designs Designer Debut Program

Shiny Designs Designer Program

The Shiny Designs Designer Debut Program

If you’re a digital designer interested in stepping up your game, the Shiny Designs Designer Debut Program is for you. Don’t worry, you don’t need a ton of experience packaging and selling your designs – you just need mad design skills and a passion for learning.

As a member of the Designer Debut Program, you’ll learn how to plan product collections, workflow tips and tricks, how to perfectly package the actual product, marketing and promotion ideas and so much more from a successful, experienced designer. No more fumbling around in the dark, wondering if you’re doing it right.

Best of all – you’ll earn an industry standard commission on your sales! You’ll get a monthly payment for your skills and talent. Just head on over to the Designer Program Information Page to learn more and sign up!

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Nervous About Sharing Your Art?

Don’t be nervous about sharing your art – we’re all friends here.

It can be scary to share your art – especially if you’re just starting out. I want you to have the joy of creating and sharing without the fear of negativity, so I made a place for that.

Come join the Shiny Designs Creative Team .  It’s for art and journal enthusiasts of all types and skills.

It’s designed to be a welcoming place to share and expand your creative work as well as be the first to see new products and get special discounts as part of a private group.

I’m personally involved and will be answering questions and keeping an eye on things.

Just go to this page, enter your email address and click submit. Then, you’ll receive an email with the link to the private Facebook group and your first discount code for 10% off the entire shop.

We’re just getting started, but don’t wait – we’re making art right now and would love to see you!


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Easy Painted Backgrounds – No Brush Clean up!

Painted Background Shiny Designs

Yep, it’s true! Watch this short demo on how to make these gorgeous multi-color backgrounds without having to clean up even ONE brush.


Paper Ephemera Packs – Ready to Ship – Flat Rate $1.99 Total

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Art Tags – Mixed Media Mini Art

Art tags are like the tiny house version of art: small, yet complete, works that don’t take up much space. What’s not to love about that?

Mythical Beast Printable Tags

They’re small and familiar: no big expanses of fancy paper that look intimidating. You can even use printable tags as a base for your own creative work like the Mythical Creatures tag set.

While you can paint, collage, draw, glue, color, doodle and embellish to your hearts content, it’s a good rule of thumb is to think in threes: three layers, three techniques, three types of materials, three colors, etc.. Mix and match within the framework of three and you’ll have a tag that sings!

Use your tags in your art journals to add texture and dimension to pages, as gift tags for a lucky recipient, as a special addition to a gift card or frame them in a shadowbox to hang on your walls!