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Splashy Paint Water Mug Prevents a Nasty Surprise!

Let’s set aside all that sensible advice about not eating or drinking when you paint – because, really, who does that?

How many times have you almost dipped your brush in your drink mug? Or, maybe you’ve even grabbed the wrong mug to actually drink from? Me too…

Here’s your solution – a splashy, happy mug especially for your paint water.


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Print and Create! Printable Collage Sheets – Watercolor Strawberries, Leaves and Blooms

Strawberries! Let these watercolor berries and blooms breathe a fresh spring breeze into your creative projects. Just print, cut and collage the elements into your art journal or mixed media projects for bright berry fun!


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Creative Possibilities Stash Pack – Now with More: Papers, Items, Creative Fun!

Mixed Media Inspiration Kit

Artist Ephemera Mixed Media Kit

I was looking at a mixed media artist pack the other day and thought to myself – actually I just said it out loud because I talk to myself pretty much all day – you know what would make these even more awesome? More Creative Stuff!

So, that’s just what I did. I added more papers and more cool studio stuff to each kit so you get over 50% more creative goodness for the same price!

I still hand paint, pick and curate the items in the kit so they’re a sampling of the fine and unusual offerings from my personal stash. And, I’ll probably talk to myself, and you too, as I choose and coordinate your kit.

Go ahead and grab one today and make amazing things with it – I know you can!


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Use Stencils for New Complexity and Interest in Your Mixed Media Art Practice

Find new complexity and layers in your mixed media art practice. Stencils add depth and interest to your work. These perfectly sized tag shaped stencils are easy to use and clean.

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Creative Warmups – Flexing Your Creativity

Warmups are a way to deepen and develop your creative practice.

Do you warm up as part of your creative practice?

Yes, I mean a physical, doing something kind of warmup. Just like you’d do before your workout or sport. I’ve found that spending a few minutes with a warm up activity helps me ease into the more complicated project I’m working on. So, what does a creative warmup look like?

No, Cleaning Up Is Not a Warm Up

Some people clean the studio space or work area before starting but that’s a preparatory activity, not an actual warmup. That’s because creative warmups have specific characteristics.

Directly related– If you’re getting in the mindset to draw, perhaps you want to doodle some little figures and shapes, painting may call for swashing paint around practice papers (I use these in collage projects and the really pretty ones go into my Artist Ephemera Kits) and writing might need a page or two of hand-written free-form journaling. The important thing is that the warmup contain aspects of the creative activity you’re getting ready to start.

Easy and low expectation – A good warmup is easy enough for you to do that you don’t have to think much to execute it and you don’t worry about the outcome or finished result. Before I work on dimensional pieces like mixed media dolls, I like to make tissue paper flowers because they’re easy for me (once I learned how) and I don’t really care how they turn out. Some of them have been pretty but some have been sadly misshapen – either way, I don’t care, so it’s a good warmup.

Fast and simple – Warming up should only take a few minutes with minimal planning and supplies. Keep a warmup kit handy with your favorite materials so you can get started fast. The idea is to get started quickly and involve your hands and mind in a project related activity with a minimum of fuss.

Everyday Creativity

While warming up and project work are both creative acts, larger projects are deeper and more thoughtful. But, sometimes all you have time for in a day is a warmup activity. That’s OK – everyday creativity, no matter how small, is what keeps you moving forward in your creative practice. Just keep making stuff!

Do you have a favorite warmup or is this a new idea for you? I’d love to know!


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