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Gelli Plate Printing Demonstration and Information

Hello Lovely Creative People! Do you use a Gelli Plate? Honesty moment: I tried them several times but never fell in love so it’s not exactly in my range of techniques – though I do use other printing methods. Too messy for my taste 🙂 But, I know a lot of you love them and […]

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HallowWhimsy – Halloween Printables, Clipart, Decor, Artwork & Gifts

You know that saying, “Do as I say, not as I do?” Yeah, we’re there… I opened a new Etsy shop just for Halloween; it’s called HallowWhimsy. It’s a place to explore all the Halloween and related ideas that come along during the year. It’s not my first shop, nor the second, nor… well, there’s […]

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The Creative Process is Like Glitter – It’s Everywhere!

You know I love that glitter. I also love people being creative everyday. See how I put those together? I had the chance to talk about the creative process with my friend and colleague Nicole Fende on her podcast – The Sci-Fi Biz Show – All the Boring Bits Made Better. First, a little about […]