Join Me for Everyday Creativity

Is your creative project stuck and staring at you because you’re just not sure what to do to move forward?

Are you struggling to create the things you KNOW you have in you? 

Are you frustrated because when you finish a project it’s not what’s in your head?

Are you ready to move past your creative block?

Come along with me on the creative path!

I’m Monette Satterfield and I help creative people just like you see how to take your creative projects from filmy ideas to finished projects you can be proud of.

Along the way you’ll gain insights into your own creative practice and process so you can keep making stuff like you were born to do.

As a nifty bonus, you’ll get a digital creativity boost package with The Art Journal FAQ, Coloring Pages, and a handy Creative Process Schematic.

Privacy: I’m a big believer in it and won’t share, rent, sell or otherwise do skeezy things with your information. Pinkie swear!