Make Your Joy!

Let’s co-create. I want you to share your creative process with me. I want to share my art with you but, just paying for it is too easy. I want to trade creative value for creative value. I want you to expand yourself, push your boundaries (just a bit) to create more than you thought you could.

Do you have an idea, a thought, a spark, a longing to create something? Maybe you’ve been thinking about a short story you’d like to write. Maybe you’ve been fiddling with paint and are almost ready to try an actual canvas. Maybe you’re tired of the way the couch looks and want to make a few throw pillows. Maybe you feel like it’s time to enter an art fair. Maybe you’re ready to take on a big work project (that’s creative too!)

Share Your Joy!

Maybe your creative soul is trying to unfold… Do that! Start with the first creative step and make your joy. Share that with me and I’ll share my art with you. We’ll trade creative value for creative value. You don’t have to share your creation with anyone else if you don’t want to, however I do urge you to consider it. Above all, you have my solemn promise to treat your work and your creative being with the kindness and respect it deserves.

Because this is an exchange of value, you can choose how far you want to stretch yourself. If you’re just starting out and committing to buying a set of paints is your stretch, that’s awesome and deserves reward! If it’s a bit farther outside your comfort zone – like submitting a poem for an anthology – that’s going to bring a richer prize.

Ways to share your work:

  • Directly and privately in an email to me
  • On your favorite social account, private or public
  • In a blog post, yours or mine
  • In a video, private or public
  • In actual publications, online or offline
  • Any other way that you want to share

How it works:

Do your thing – Share it – I’ll send you art! Yes, it really is that simple. Of course, we’ll have to take care of the details – like mailing stuff – but that’s all there is to it. I want you to create!

Interested? Me too! Drop me a note here (it comes straight to my inbox) and let’s create ????