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Art, Business and Balance + 3 Amazing New Stencils in the Shop


Can We Talk?

Nothing like starting out with the truth. After last weeks post, I had some second thoughts that I should have told you how I was being paid for featuring Heidi and her shop. Um, I’m NOT. I did that feature (and will do future ones too) for FREE. Nothing, Nada. Zero.

I spent my time and effort all for the fun and joy and humanity of doing it. Interested in having your own feature? Just send me a note and we’ll get started. Now, that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about some more true things.

The weekly newsletter is from today going to be a monthly newsletter. (If you haven’t, you can sign up here.) It’ll be a little longer and include goodies for you like free product downloads, subscriber discounts and early product releases the first week of the month. If there’s something super exciting in the studio in the meantime, you may get an interim quick update as well. Of course, those are likely to be more random, but there’s the fun of it!

Wondering why the sudden change? The true reason is the toll on my own art and creativity is too high. I committed to weekly mailings for a year and I’ve done that and more but my studio time and artistic output has suffered greatly. So, I’m making the decision to cut back the schedule and focus on making more art. That means more creative stuff to share with you!

If you want to keep up with the new projects and behind the scenes, let’s connect on Instagram or Facebook. I’d love to see you there!

Taking the time to really look at art and business and personal time balance and telling the truth of it is how we all make creative progress – whether it’s purely personal or as a tiny business. It’s no good if it’s not fulfilling.

New Things in the Shop!

I know you’ve been eyeing these NEW stencils – I have too! They’re heavy duty, easy to clean Mylar, made in the USA and ready to ship from the studio. I especially love these gears and have an idea for a journal cover. See how fancy they are!

Thanks for taking this walk with me…


PS Long made short: Have your own shop feature (NO payment required!); the newsletter becomes monthly to make more time for art; NEW stencils in the shop; you’re awesome!

New Stencils in the Shop

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Shine On Shops: Introducing CreateJoyGifts on Etsy

Hey! I Found a New Shop You Might Like

Introducing: CreateJoyGifts

You know I have my own shop (OK, shops, plural) but, another thing I love is helping other shop owners. So, I’m starting a series of shop features to bring you even more great creative supplies and materials. Our first Shine On Feature is Heidi Parmenter of CreateJoyGifts.

Like so many of us, Heidi came to starting her shop after other pursuits including business and momhood. Now, she’s reclaimed her artistic side and founded CreateJoyGifts to share her creative joy with the world. She makes fabulous handmade journals and offers a carefully curated collection of repurposed and upcycled supplies to inspire your creativity.

Check out these Travelers Notebooks – with inserts! – from her shop. This bold floral is my favorite, but there are several to choose from and everyone of them is completely unique and handmade. I’m pretty sure she worked over the weekend to get them
ready, so take a look at all this gorgeousness!

Another awesome thing about Heidi is that she discovers and thoughtfully collects vintage and unusual materials and puts them together into unique and interesting collections. I really love this nautical themed set she’s put together. That’s not all either, she has a knack for finding interesting things like this set of vintage game materials – think Clue and those Yahtzee score sheets that you never used – that you can use in your own mixed media and journal projects.

Head on over to the CreateJoyGifts shop and see what wonderful goodies Heidi has for you!

Do you know someone (how about you?) who should be featured? Let me know and we’ll talk about it!

Shine On: CreateJoyGifts

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Your Secret Dream – Your Own Creative Tiny Business?

Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like to have your own shop? A little creative business of your own? Sort of a secret dream you haven’t told anyone about?

I’ll bet I got pretty close to the truth there. Most every creative person I’ve talked to has a dream of their own Creative Tiny Business. Something small, but fulfilling; manageable and sustainable.

Creative businesses are one of my passions. And, to help creative folks like you make and sell better things, I’m launching a new project to help you start your own creative tiny business. It’s going to be in early release soon!

In the meantime, if you’ve got business dreamy questions, head over to the Shiny Designs Facebook group and catch me there. I would love to hear from you!