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Moons, Doll Heads and Creative Permission

paper mache doll heads

Hello to You!

Do you have certain themes or ideas or types of projects you keep circling back to? Over the years, I’ve found I’m drawn to painting crescent moons and making oddly creepy doll heads. At first, I would make the entire doll but the bodies have become more and more of an afterthought. Then, I finally gave myself permission to make just the head – that’s so much better!

This picture shows a few of the doll heads in progress and a new exploration: a crescent moon. Perhaps it will be a head or who knows….?

What are you working on? Have you given yourself permission to make the things you love most?

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Make Stuff, Even if You’re Not Good at It

Make stuff, even if you’re not good at it. Especially then! 😎

I’m not an expert miniature maker. Not even kinda experienced, more like rank beginner…

This is the first time I’ve made anything like these tiny potted tulips in 1/24th scale. They’re not perfect, nor are most of the other things from the kit I’m starting with but they please me greatly and I enjoy looking at them 😍

That’s enough for me…

Are you able to rest peacefully in your own creativity, at least a bit?

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They don’t all work out…

This mixed media on canvas has been fighting me from the beginning. It started out as a chicken with a sun and wasn’t happy so I painted over that. Then, this moon and egg/ orb isn’t working either and I’ve started painting over it too.

Right now, it’s about half- ugly 😬

I’ll give it another chance – maybe I’ll find out what it wants to be…

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Everyday Creativity with Micro-Creativity

Creativity is a skill. The more you practice, the better you get.

Monette Satterfield

You’re Creative and I Can Prove It!

I know that you’re creative and I know it for certain. You’re human and humans are an inherently creative bunch because we solve problems! That’s all creativity is—solving problems and you go through your whole day solving one problem after another:

  • You got dressed thus solving the problem of what to wear
  • You had something to eat thus solving the problem of being hungry
  • You found a bug in the sink and ran it down the disposal thus solving that problem
  • What else have you solved just today?

The creative process is NOT some magic mist that settles on a chosen few. It’s a clear and understandable problem solving process  that we all use regularly. Once you recognize it at work in your life and learn to use it, you’ve found the creative spring.

Maybe you’ve tried this before…taking classes, forcing yourself to “do” creativity…

Ugh—That really doesn’t work!

What does work: everyday micro acts of creativity which lead to more joy and creative path opening as you gain creative strength.

Get started micro-creating with this downloadable workbook: “Unlock Your Everyday Creativity – Micro Creativity Workbook for #EverydayCreativity”

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The Creative Process is Like Glitter – It’s Everywhere!

You know I love that glitter. I also love people being creative everyday. See how I put those together?

I had the chance to talk about the creative process with my friend and colleague Nicole Fende on her podcast – The Sci-Fi Biz Show – All the Boring Bits Made Better.

First, a little about her show. It really is Sci-Fi for small business and she’s done it brilliantly. Nicole is a numbers person with a profit-making mindset – and she’s immensely creative with a flair for fun. We’ve collaborated for years on various projects and I’m honored to be a guest on her podcast.

We talked about the Creative Process, how it works, and how it underlies every creative act – even the everyday creativity that we may not notice anymore. In listening to the episode I was struck with how much fun we’re having.

Our talk ranged over creative laziness in popular offerings, the brain on creativity, the importance of curiosity, tips to be more creative, the creative process steps and slime. It’s a very digestible 36 minutes  long.


Every episode starts with a short discussion of a Sci-Fi/fantasy/horror work of the guest’s choice. I chose “The Princess Bride” because it’s fun, positive and THE QUOTES!

You can catch the show on iTunes, your favorite podcast source (I use Stitcher) or download it here.

The Description:

  • The creative process is one of the most misunderstood, overlooked, and underappreciated processes on the planet. Monette Satterfield joins us to discuss this deceptively simple approach. She shares insights on overcoming potential roadblocks, puts the time frame in perspective, and demonstrates how we can use it in business to grow our profit. All with references to the Most Quotable Movie.

A process for creativity – smart or sacrilege? Listen in and decide for yourself.

Find it online:

Check it out and let me know what you think in a comment or a note – I’d love to hear from you!