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Art Tags – Mixed Media Mini Art

Art Tag Blank for Journals

Art tags are like the tiny house version of art: small, yet complete, works that don’t take up much space. What’s not to love about that?

Mythical Beast Printable Tags

They’re small and familiar: no big expanses of fancy paper that look intimidating. You can even use printable tags as a base for your own creative work like the Mythical Creatures tag set.

 While you can paint, collage, draw, glue, color, doodle and embellish to your hearts content, it’s a good rule of thumb is to think in threes: three layers, three techniques, three types of materials, three colors, etc.. Mix and match within the framework of three and you’ll have a tag that sings!

Use your tags in your art journals to add texture and dimension to pages, as gift tags for a lucky recipient, as a special addition to a gift card or frame them in a shadowbox to hang on your walls!


Source: Shopify Studio Updates

New Collection: Fancy Fibers for Art Journals, Mixed Media, Collage and Art Tags

Multi Color Art Fibers

New to the shop – a growing collection of fancy fibers for your art journals, mixed media and collage art and art tags.

Of course, you want the texture and interest that fine fibers add to your project but do your really need yards and yards of them cluttering your work space?

Now, these little bundles of deliciousness solve your problem! I gather a curated collection of yarns, ribbons and other fibers and bundle them so you only have to use and enjoy them.

For the mixed collections, I start with a theme or inspiration image and carefully consider color, texture, and contrast. When I’m working with them in the studio, it’s like painting with fibers and texture!

Care Notes: Many of these fibers are from unusual sources and may be vintage or natural fibers. I recommend a cold water hand wash if necessary with gentle soap.

Source: Shopify Studio Updates