I won’t sell, rent, or otherwise share your email address and I won’t provide your personal information to anyone else, ever.



No Meanness! What does Mean Mean? Disliking or disagreeing with something or someone is not mean. Specific, personal and intentional remarks meant to undermine or lessen someone or their views is mean. Teasing is mean. If you’re in doubt, read it out loud. If it sounds mean or you’re still in doubt, don’t post it.

I reserve the right to edit or completely delete mean comments.


I don’t use curse words here (though I do use a few in real life) but I’m not going to have an attack of the vapors if you use the occasional swear word, especially if that’s how you normally express yourself online. If you normally express yourself in an obscenity laced stream of invective, you might not want to post that.

I reserve the right to edit or delete completely any words I deem offensive.

Affiliate Disclosure:

Some (but not all) of the links on this site (which is written and edited by me) are affiliate links. That means I may be paid a commission if you click on one of those links and/or buy something. Further, there may be advertising or other types of sponsors if I think the information and products are interesting and useful.

I don’t believe in saying something is good just because of the money, so I won’t do that. I won’t write reviews and opinions for compensation and I’ll only endorse things I believe are worthwhile. If a product is provided to me free of charge, I’ll let you know that. These are my ideas and opinions and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

Don’t just take my word for claims, statistics and other important details; verify it for yourself. I’d be disappointed in you if you didn’t.

I won’t knowingly post something that would be a conflict of interest.