The sound of change coming - mixed media painting of orbs rising

Hi there! I hope you’re doing well in this new season. I’ve been under the weather with flu – not THE flu, just old fashioned garden variety flu – and am just now feeling more energetic. Perhaps it’s the enforced down time or the abrupt change in daily routines, but I’ve become more aware of this feeling of impending change that I’ve had lately. This isn’t exactly a NEW feeling but it’s more persistent – more insistent – than before.

New Creative Projects and Platforms

I’ve not been in my studio lately and while I miss it, I’m not feeling the draw there that I have in the past. Painting has ebbed a little in its pull on me and I’m feeling the call of fibers – especially fancy hand stitches and soft sculpture. Perhaps it’s time to reorganize my studio around this new dance – it’s a small space so not everything I create can fit at one time. The very idea of turning it into a fiber art workshop puts a new sheen on things!

It’s not just my work area and subjects that are cycling into a new area, I’ve been becoming more and more disillusioned with the “platforms” we have in the digital space. I’ve left Facebook once before and only came back because of a course I took had a group. It turned out that I didn’t use it because I don’t LIKE how Facebook works. Now, there’s Instagram: I used to like using it but it’s been morphed into a wholly different thing. I sort of kept with it out of habit but I’m noticing now that it doesn’t add much value to my creative process or life. So, those are on the way out.

For now, I’m going to put my energy into this newsletter and my own website with maybe a little overflow onto Pinterest and see how that goes. I’m super grateful to each and everyone of you who reads this and for the lovely replies. You know I answer every one of them – click reply and give it a try!

Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

Over the years of creative cycles and change, I’ve noticed a few markers of my own change process: I change my hair and I change my clothes. Now, the hair change can be dramatic but it usually takes time because hair has to grow (or be cut, which is faster!) but my clothing choices don’t usually look so different to others because my wardrobe is minimal but they’re significant to me. BOTH of these are in flux right now and I’m settling into this part of the journey.

Change is in the wind…

Be Well!


PS The image here is an older painting that is one of my all-time favorites. I feel like it conveys this sense of rising change…