I’ve been drawn to textiles lately – especially the pace of slow stitching by hand. These hand embellished circles are additions to two felt bucket hats. I like this style of hat and its simplicity of shape is a perfect canvas for experimentation. I plan to cover the crowns with these circles and then work my way down the band and brim with complementary patterns. I like the additional stiffness the layers and stitching is adding to the hat as the light one was a little too floppy the way I made it.

I mentioned in my last newsletter that change is in the air and mentioned my already minimal wardrobe was also in line for change. I’m exploring these types of additions to it – tonal but rich with texture. I dress in a very limited palette of black, grays and white (with the tiniest bit of pink, occasionally) but am starting to crave this addition of layers and complexity within that color group. Here’s a Pinterest Board I made to show a sense of what I have in mind.

Sewing, both by machine and slow stitching hand work, has been a part of my creative life since I was very young and while the projects change and morph, the love of continues. There are periods of years when I do other things, but I do return to stitching. This return, same yet different, is an expression of the creative cycle – circling in, circling out…

I’ll keep going on this circular path – finding my way and enjoying the journey.