Now, that’s always a good thing! Of course the nearest store is a half hour drive down a busy interstate, but that’s what it takes. Today’s trip was to find trimmings to finish some of the projects for the beginner knitting book.

I got FEATHERS! Now, doesn’t that make you wonder a little bit? Then, there are sequins and tassels and pom pom fringe and decorative chain and beads. What a bag of goodies!

I also found this copy of Australian Stitches. I’ve not seen this magazine before. It is a fashion/sewing magazine with the unmistakable look of Australian needlework. There’s even a bonus Cleckheaton knitting pattern.

It seems that there is more and more of a cross current between the US and Australia and some of the needlework coming out of there is just wonderful. I’m always excited to see something new like this.