Are you creating? Everyday?

Whoa! Everyday – are you insane? Who has the time?

Yeah, I know – that was a trick question – it should really be “Are you practicing creativity everyday?” The answer is – “It’s complicated.”

That’s because being creative isn’t the same as being artistic nor is it directly related to any particular specific act of creativity. Practicing creativity is exercising the part of your spirit that imagines more than is present. That happens when you imagine and ask “What if?”

Creative practice also happens when you take tools in hand and actually begin to make the imagined things: paintings, floral arrangements, delicious meals, short stories and poems. That practice includes the hard work of shaping the first passes and rough drafts to meet your standards for finished work.

Creative practice is also all the small creative acts throughout the day: little doodles on lunchbox notes, carefully arranging a pile of pebbles that makes you smile, choosing coordinated office supplies because they make your heart and eyes happy…and a thousand more small acts of creativity.

Now, are you creative everyday? I’ll bet the answer is a resounding YES!