The bright floral zine is live on Kickstarter!
I’m excited, and a little terrified, to share this full-color zine showcasing the most recent series of my abstract floral paintings. You’ll also find studio notes that offer a behind-the-scenes look at my creative process.

Why I’m Excited: In our digital world, it too easy for art, and so many other good things, to get lost in the online noise of algorithms and social media. I believe in the power of direct connections, especially for art, without technology interfering with and dictating what we see and value. This project is my way of creating a community where we can connect on a deeper level. I want to see art and joy and creativity in as many hands as possible!  

I’ve kept the funding amounts low and accessible. You’ll not only get a piece of something hand crafted to hold in the real world, but you’ll also become part of the larger community that values beauty and the human story behind each creation.

What you Get!

  • Digital Wallpaper: Brighten your phone with a bright floral wallpaper.
  • Digital PDF Copy of the Bright Floral Zine: Enjoy the zine in digital format.
  • Hand-Signed Zine: A beautifully crafted 12-page full-color zine.
  • Postcard Print: A 4×6 inch print of the cover painting.
  • Combo Reward: Both physical items plus all digital items!

Here’s a peek at the rewards:

Contemporary Floral Zine Live on Kickstarter - Rewards available

I’m incredibly grateful for your support and enthusiasm and am looking forward to taking this adventure with you. Join me on this journey and back the project here!