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This month we’ll be talking about cash flow in your business, how important it is and what you need to know about it. We’ll be having Silly Stories to make it more fun, a True Story to nose into someone else’s business, a dash of Serious Stuff for good measure and an extra special easy to use cash flow tool thingy give away at the end of the month! Special Note: Be sure to look for the bonus quiz at the end of the post.

You’ve probably heard the saying that Cash is King, but who crowned him and why?

Once Upon a Time

There was a faraway land called Biz and it was a happy and productive place. The inhabitants all had jobs to do and went about them with enthusiasm. There was Rachel who sent the invoices and collected the payments, Paul who purchased supplies and materials and made sure the bills were paid, Sam who sold Biz’s world famous chocolate covered heart shaped raspberries (the heart shaped berries were grown only in Biz), and many other hardworking members who did their part to keep Biz prosperous.

Everyone has a Job

There was one fellow, Cash, who didn’t have a particular job assigned. He wandered through the realm of Biz, helping out wherever he happened to be. One day, he was in the heart shaped berry patches helping Frances with the harvest; the next day, he might be in the chocolate coating factory helping keep the equipment running. Cash was everywhere!

Because he didn’t seem to have any particularly important thing to do and the Bizzies, as the residents of Biz were called, didn’t see him in their area all the time, no one in the land of Biz kept a close eye on Cash. Everyone assumed he was fine and would take care of himself.

As time went on Sam was selling more chocolate covered heart shaped raspberries and the Bizzies began to think they were working much harder so they had a meeting in the town square to find out who had been hogging all of Cash’s help. You see, they had grown accustomed to using Cash indiscriminately in their jobs and found it difficult to do without him. Each one called for more Cash to do their jobs and each one was certain it was necessary. Then, they looked around the square but there was no Cash to be seen!

Where’s Cash?

At first, they weren’t too worried. Rachel remembered that Cash often showed up when the mail came in and Paul knew he had seen Cash around when the bills were paid. So, the Bizzies waited a while for Cash to turn up and went about their duties with some grumbling about the effort.

But, Cash didn’t show up and the Bizzies were having more and more trouble doing their jobs and getting more and more worried about him. They met again in the square and decided they had to take time away from their jobs to go look for him. They searched high and low throughout Biz, and finally found him at the bottom of an old well where he had fallen while on an errand from Matt to get some brochures.

Poor Cash! He was ragged and thin from overwork. The Bizzies were horrified at the result of their neglect. They nursed him back to health and decided that never again would such a thing befall their land.

Happily Ever After

The Bizzies gave Cash the best house in the town, at the top of the square so they could keep an eye on him. More than that, each one of them was more careful how they used Cash’s help in their jobs so he wouldn’t be stretched too thin. They were so grateful to have him back, they even gave him a crown and a scepter.

And, that’s how Cash became King of Biz.

Tell Me

How’s your Cash? Is he healthy or down a well? Tell me in the comments if this silly story sounds familiar and how you feel about it.

Need Help?

If your cash is ailing, I can help. Send me a note, tweet me, or give me a call, and let’s get him out of that hole!

Bonus Quiz

What are the business functions of the inhabitants of Biz? Hint: The first letter of their name is the first letter of the function.

  • Rachel-Accounts Receivable
  • Paul
  • Sam
  • Frances
  • Matt

The first person to comment with the answer wins a prize – a package of my very own watercolor bunny greeting cards.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Shandi-lee