These classes and workshops are from amazing artists and teachers that I follow and love their work.

Ivy Newport Artist

Ivy Newport is a well known artist with a complex layered style and has a comprehensive collection of workshops and classes. These are a few that caught my eye:

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Flora Bowley

Flora Bowley (Flora Bowl-lee) is an artist and author with a free-form and energetic style combined with warm and approachable teaching and classes. Here’s a sampling of her best offerings:



Focusing on presence, intuitive observation, and creative freedom, this three-hour, live-streamed class begins with a grounding meditation followed by an array of drawing exercises, painting techniques, and unique ways to witness, honor, and incorporate the natural world into your artwork.

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Beginning with a grounding meditation and simple movement practice, this three-hour, live-streamed class explores a variety of intuitive painting techniques using TREES as our subject matter. The focus is on creating from a place of rooted, embodied intuition, while reaching towards freedom, spontaneity, and the courage to create in new, innovative ways.

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Flora Bowley Flora Bowley

There’s lots more to choose from, click here to see all of her classes and workshops!

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