Creativity is a skill. The more you practice, the better you get.

Monette Satterfield

You’re Creative and I Can Prove It!

I know that you’re creative and I know it for certain. You’re human and humans are an inherently creative bunch because we solve problems! That’s all creativity is—solving problems and you go through your whole day solving one problem after another:

  • You got dressed thus solving the problem of what to wear
  • You had something to eat thus solving the problem of being hungry
  • You found a bug in the sink and ran it down the disposal thus solving that problem
  • What else have you solved just today?

The creative process is NOT some magic mist that settles on a chosen few. It’s a clear and understandable problem solving process  that we all use regularly. Once you recognize it at work in your life and learn to use it, you’ve found the creative spring.

Maybe you’ve tried this before…taking classes, forcing yourself to “do” creativity…

Ugh—That really doesn’t work!

What does work: everyday micro acts of creativity which lead to more joy and creative path opening as you gain creative strength.

Get started micro-creating with this downloadable workbook: “Unlock Your Everyday Creativity – Micro Creativity Workbook for #EverydayCreativity”