Artsy Holiday Help is Here

Did December surprise you too? It just suddenly appeared all holiday-ish and jolly. Wow – I guess we’d better get moving!
To help you out with that, I’ve put together a gift guide for creative folks. It’s a bit of inspiration for you or a subtle hint for someone near and dear. You’ll find it further down.

 Creepy Little Doll Heads on My Work Table

 My creative practice usually includes cycling around several, sometimes widely varying, projects at the same time. I’ve found  that works best for me after unsuccessfully trying to regiment myself to one thing at a time.
Lately, I’ve come back to doll making and started a new series of mixed media art dolls. My interest has been centering more on the head so I carved a foam skull and used a type of paper mache to form a base for more mixed media work to follow.
Here’s a short video explaining the process and where these may go, you can see more here:

Free Download – Holiday Gift Guide

Get your gifting into gear! Download this free, clickable shopping guide with gift ideas for your creative friends and you too!
Go ahead and get your copy now.
Because I’m always exploring new things, there’s something exciting coming soon to the shop. Right now, it’s still in early stages and isn’t quite ready. But, here’s a hint: artful fabric patterns!

How is your creative life going?