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I started half a dozen ideas on serious business things for today’s post and they pretty much all sucked. It’s the holiday season and all we’re looking for is a little fun, right? So, I threw a note out on Twitter about the idea of a community tell all.

Hugs and Kisses

That got a rise from quite a few people so here’s the inaugural joint kiss and tell party.

The rules are simple: Tell five things about yourself that most people don’t know and probably wouldn’t have guessed. Keep it clean enough that explaining it to a six year old wouldn’t be mortifying. (I don’t know how many six year olds see this, but it’s a good rule of thumb.)

I’ll start things off and then you leave yours in the comments. I’ll keep an eye the progress of our little party.

Five Things

Personal Note: I found this much harder than you’d think since I keep personal stuff –well, personal.

  • I failed out of Brownies. Oh, the craft projects were fun but the meetings didn’t thrill me. The final straw was the big camping away trip. My mom got all the things together we were supposed to have and lugged it down to where we were leaving and I decided I didn’t want to go. The nice Brownie ladies must have spent a half hour trying to convince me it was fun but I was not going. That was my last Brownie experience.
  • I don’t sing but I can whistle.
  • I know how to use and am comfortable with a wide variety of hand and power tools – including a circular saw and router. That’s because my husband and I have done extensive remodeling and I’ve made a few small pieces of furniture.
  • I’ve milked a goat.
  • I read French about like a struggling middle school student and regret that I don’t speak it any better.

Now, it’s your turn-Pucker Up!


Someone (she who shall remain nameless) was musing out loud that it would be nice if there were prizes involved for telling all. So, Voila! There’s a drawing for three established business consulting sessions with the winners announced in the next post. I’ll draw (properly, from a hat) from the names of everyone who comments by midnight (EST) Tuesday the 14th. So, tell us about yourself!