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Create for Yourself

How long has it been since you made art just for yourself? For some of us, the answer is too long. My friend from Wholly Piecemeal mentioned this book: Raw Art Journaling.

I haven’t seen it yet but she proposed we each start a Raw Art Journal. The basic idea is that we’ll each work in our own journal and share the results at our weekly lunch therapy. (We meet once a week and talk about all kinds of things but mostly laugh.)

You Know What you Should Do

For a while now I’ve been telling my friend how much she needs a box to corral her supplies. Well, beware of folks telling you what you need or should do – it probably has more to do with what they want!

From Trash to Treasure

Turns out, I’m the one who needed the box. Before I started the journal, I ran across this old shoebox in my craft closet  and before I even knew what hit me, crafting 101 (you know, glue, tape foam board, paper and scissors) was in full swing and I had made this art box including the tray.

Art Jounal Box

The inside is unfinished and I’ll eventually cover the outside with something more decorative but I like the idea of letting it evolve with the journal.

It holds my supplies and has plenty of room for stuff I don’t know I need yet.

Ready and Waiting

Empty Strathmore Mixed Media Jounal

That’s the empty journal – it’s a Strathmore mixed media journal; just like this one:

Our first theme/idea to journal in any way we choose is Beginning or Threshold. To keep in the spirit of art just for yourself, I don’t plan on posting the actual pages but will post on the process. Oh, and let’s not forget the evolution of the box!

Come Join Us

Why don’t you come along? Start by leaving a comment and tell us about your journal and your art.