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In Progress: Design and Knit a Little Girl’s Sweater, Part Two

Well, we had a wonderful time visiting with our friends and goddaugther. My goodness, she is really tall for her age! At only 2 1/2 years old, she is 38 inches tall. She looks more like a 3 or even a 4 year old. If I didn’t mention she is absolutely beautiful, I should. Sorry, since she’s not my child, I can’t post her picture here – privacy and all that.

On to the sweater…. The body is nearly to the armhole now and one sleeve is done – all in extra long of course. I did add about two inches of length to each piece after seeing her in person, but the circumference is nearly perfect. Big enough to leave room to grow, but not so large as to be sloppy.

Now that I’ve had some knitting and thinking time, the details are starting to come into focus. Here’s a very rough sketch from my idea book.

A Pirate Meets Princess look will suit her nicely as she likes both. The flowers and other trim will be embroidered or sewn after the sweater is finished. The flower heads will most likely be crocheted for more dimension with the stems embroidered. A little faux passementerie on the sleeves adds a little more decoration.

The crocheted lace on the sleeves will serve a dual purpose. It will finish the plain stockinette. It will also be a lengthening device as it can be folded down as she grows. The construction will have to be worked out, but something along the lines of a French cuff held with a decorative button should work. The belt on the back will be adjustable for the same reason as the body will be a tad loose to start.

The collar is still in the contemplation stage as are the front borders and closure. Another, more detailed, sketch will be forthcoming when they sharpen up. After I finish the other sleeve, it will be time to join it all together and complete the yoke. Then the cutting open – with photographs!

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Knitting in the Round – How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways…..
Actually there are only two. No purling and minimal finishing. It is really that simple.

Because I knit Continental style, knitting is a breeze – fast and easy – but purling is more complicated. So, circular knitting = no purling back across an interminable row.

Just because I don’t like to work thousands of purl stitches across a row, doesn’t mean that I don’t use purl stitches. Some of my favorite stitch patterns are combinations of knit and purl. That’s right – textured and ribbed patterns knit in the round. As long as the pattern has a nice rhythm and is easily memorized, it is much more enjoyable than plain knitting. Lace patterns fall into that group as well.

As for the other reason for my love, I have been known to go to great lengths in the planning stages of a design to ensure as little sewing up as possible. Mostly because I like to be done when I’m done and also because an item finished with that kind of thought seems more of a piece – more whole, I guess.