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Your Brain On a Decision

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We all have two minds, yet we don’t often use them together. Each side, the free wheeling fluid right brain and the sharp analytical left brain have unique strengths but we’ve been brainwashed (sorry, couldn’t resist) to only use half our resources at any one time.
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Cash Flow: One Simple Thing

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We’re talking about cash flow this month and we’ve seen how it came to be king and peeked into an artists business to see what happens when it goes unchecked. Are you keeping an eye on your cash flow? Here’s an easy way to get started.

The Most Important Thing

If you don’t keep track of anything else, this is the one thing you need to watch. Continue reading Cash Flow: One Simple Thing

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Money Trouble: All in Your Head

Piggy savings bank
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We’ve been talking about money both as a concept and as something concrete that you use in order to achieve your business goals. In our last post, we talked about some of the magic thinking that people have surrounding money. Today we’re going to talk about the limiting or not useful ideas business people hold that lead to bad business decisions. You could have some and not even know it! Continue reading Money Trouble: All in Your Head