First, Fit

We talked with LB (left brain) a while back, but RB (right brain) just wouldn’t cooperate and threw a wailing flailing temper tantrum:

NO! No jibber-jabber, scribbly stuff! Pictures instead! Fun – play flowers!

But, our readers are interested in what you think and they’re waiting.

I don’ wannaaaaaa…. (vigorous head shaking and lip pouting)

Now, Changes

That little outburst taught me something and there’re changes coming around here at TheArtfulBusiness.  Since I pretty much suck at schedules and anything that smacks of compliance – that’s right out. We’ll be more free form and personal (scary for me, but risk is the price of reward) but still talking about creativity and business.

I’m working as you read this (well, maybe, I could be taking a nap) to get the new view ready for you. It’s going to be bigger and broader.

“It’s a big story. From now on, we’re dreaming in wide screen. Wider! Wider!” *

Keep a weather eye out for updates and I’ll see you there!
*There’s a prize for knowing where that comes from so spill it in the comments. Hint: I live near Disney World.

Creative Commons License photo credit: cloudif