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Flowers and Food – A Day in May

Here’s what caught my eye this morning in the yard and garden (the yard-en, perhaps?)

Red Geranium
These geraniums are from a day or two ago but they’re so enthusiastic, I had to include them. The plant is several years old and is in a worn-out galvanized metal bucket that I drilled a few holes in to use as a planter. It’s time to repot.
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Gnome Craft – In My Garden!

I took a little break from finishing up the latest book, Let’s Crochet! and did something completely different. This is a little gnome doll made with a wire armature body and wool felt clothing. He posed in my potted plant

and then had to take a stroll in the garden.

The inspiration was a book called The Gnome Craft Book” by Thomas and Petra Berger. I found it at my local library and thought it looked interesting. Turns out it was first published in Dutch and translated into English. That explains a lot.

It’s not like the craft books we’re accustomed to. There are lots of techniques and the authors assume that readers know how to do quite a few different things from knitting and embroidery to simple wood carving and wire work. Even the little fellow here would have been quite difficult if I hadn’t already known how to make wire armature dolls and had the proper tools.

The dolls eventually suggest their names but he doesn’t have one yet. Any suggestions?

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A Hummingbird in My Garden

A hummingbird came to my garden for the first time!

It was here yesterday and checked the feeder my friend Carolyn gave me. Naturally, the feeder was empty because I’ve never used it for that. It’s been for decorative purposes only.

So, maybe 10 minutes after I saw the bird, I had hummingbird food made and the feeder cleaned out. (Got to love the Internet for getting information quickly.)

That included the time it took to chase a garter snake out of the back screen porch. I found him when I bolted through the porch to retrieve the feeder.

Well, the food had to cool and then it rained, so I figured the little hummer wouldn’t be back. But, I was wrong. It’s been back a couple times today too. Now, I can’t stop looking out the window every two minutes or so.

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Postcards from My Garden

A card for a friend – it’s ready to go in the mail tomorrow. These little 4×6 postcards are just the thing to keep in practice with paints and such when time is short.

I sketched the plant and flower head in pencil, quickly painted with watercolor, lettered and inked with a black gel pen. Overworking with the pen is always a danger, so I let it rest a bit before finishing up. It took hardly any time at all from the garden and my back porch.