Here’s what caught my eye this morning in the yard and garden (the yard-en, perhaps?)

Red Geranium
These geraniums are from a day or two ago but they’re so enthusiastic, I had to include them. The plant is several years old and is in a worn-out galvanized metal bucket that I drilled a few holes in to use as a planter. It’s time to repot.

On to the food! These bananas are the first I’ve ever grown for myself. I don’t know the variety of the plant as it was a gift from a friend who was thinning his patch. They’re dwarf plants (12 – 15 feet) and the fruit is the lady-finger style banana – not at all like the supermarket version. These little bananas are sweet and aromatic in a way Chiquita could never touch! Too bad they don’t ripen faster when you check on them frequently.

The last of today’s highlights: Look at these monster bell peppers! These are growing on a single potted plant on my patio. I like mine red so I’m going to leave them to ripen though I may have to cover the whole thing with bird netting as they start to color.

What’s growing and going-on in your yard-en this fine day?