Three Jars May 2011

This is the first sketch of an idea and it turned out the best. That seems to happen a lot for me. The sketch, even if it’s very rough, is often more interesting than a more refined version.

It’s a pencil drawing with three colors of Prismacolor colored pencils laid in for the value and color mapping. I used an ellipse template for the labels and hand lettered them. You can see where the colored pencils don’t quite line up with the graphite. Oh well, I like this one, so here it is.

In this little vignette, the magic stuff is in the smallest container because it’s magic and doesn’t have to be large to be powerful. The silly stuff is in the largest bottle because silly things are overblown and too big for their britches. The shiny stuff is in the middle because it’s just right. Also, it’s the one closest to the front and I wanted it to be the most important. Because we all know shiny stuff is the most important stuff, right?

I’ll be dipping into these jars and sharing what I find with you in all the different sections of the new Shiny Designs. Why don’t you come along for the magic?

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