Art Journal Page 6

A Shared Project

My friend and I are each working in our own journal and sharing the results at our weekly lunch therapy (where we eat at the same restaurant and take up way too much time at the table but they know us so it’s okay.)

That’s one of the four pages I did – it’s filler – on a page that would have otherwise been orphaned. I didn’t want to write “This page intentionally left blank” on it because that doesn’t say much about my abilities. It’s a theme I visit often – ribbons.

The Black Box

Journal on Top of Box

You all know from the last post how determined I was to have a box to hold my supplies. So I made one. Now, I’m starting to decorate it and have painted the outside flat black.

I was standing in my work room with a bottle of gesso in one hand and a bottle of black paint in the other wondering what the box needed. The gesso would have been a more sensible choice for durability but the black won for depth and mystery.


The theme for this week is “passage.” It’s a word that carries many shades of meaning as I found out when I started working with it. It can also mean “entrance” as in the way into something but I read it as “en-trance” as in to delight or captivate.

My first attempt was a collage that was wholly unsatisfying. So, I did another page with the exact same information and was much happier. The difference was the white of the paper was an element in the version that pleased me. So, I’ve learned something about making my own art that I suspected but hadn’t yet confirmed.

Opposites Attract?

It didn’t elude me that I wanted the box to have a black ground and the pages to have a white ground. It should be interesting to see what comes of that!

Are You Coming Along?

If you’re art journaling along, leave a comment and let us in on it! The next theme is perception.