OK, so the whole world may be an exaggeration, but this is the fastest way I know to make a utilitarian apron. These are the kinds of aprons that you can actually use to cook or clean or craft in and if you wipe your hands on it, well, that’s what they’re for.

Start with a tea or dish towel around 18 inches by 30 inches and a 72 inch length of 1 inch wide grosgrain ribbon. Center the ribbon on top of the long edge of the towel and pin in place. Sew the ribbon in place on both long edges. Trim ribbon ends at an angle. Apply fray retardant to the ends if desired.

That’s it, apron finished.

If you’re like me, here’s where you start thinking “I sure would like a pocket or two on this and maybe I could just add a bit of trim.” Well, yes, those things would be good, but then, it’s become another project and will be too nice to use when you finally search out the perfect trim, buy it and get around to attaching it.

Now, tie it around your waist and get to work.