Rich Kitty
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jezz

Pssssst! I’m the cat, she who owns all she sees, and I’m in charge here today. I’ve been watching you humans with this money thing for quite a while and it’s time to tell you how it is.

What I Know

  • You can’t eat it! Geeeez, you think that would tell you all you need to know right there.
  • Those fancy green paper pieces are a nice size to lie on. It takes days to finish them.
  • That thick paper stuff rips and crumples really well when shredded with my lovely and delicate claws
  • The round shiny bits make the most heavenly sound hitting the floor when I endearingly bat them off a table

It’s Useless

From here, money is pretty much useless, except for the occasional plaything.  Now, I love the sound of the paper tearing and shredding and adore watching those heavy shiny things drop to the floor and roll under my sleeping place where you sometimes sit, but, face it, money has practically no value.

Or Maybe Not

The one redeeming thing I can see about it is that the people take it somewhere away from the home lair and trade it for treats!

I LOVE my treats and if I were in charge of the money trading, as cats should be but that’s a different story, I would decree that all money should forever be traded for cat treats and that more lair rooms would be provided to hold the bounty. Oh, and catnip would be provided on demand, not in that haphazard stingy way the people seem to do now.

Unhappy Cats

Sometimes the people in charge of the trading seem to think the money stuff itself has some real use and trade their time and energy to get lots of it but never trade for any treats at all. This really displeases cats.

Other times the people trade away too much money for people treats like fancy houses, luxurious furniture and fine cars.  This is a little better since we get to lounge around the nest and leave our hair essence on the designer upholstery.

Keep ‘Em Purring

Don’t forget, we have those so delicate claws and pointy white teeth and we’re always watching you so keep us happy by trading the money for kitty treats for us (and get the good kind!) and some people treats for you without going overboard. You can even keep some of the leftover money in reserve. After all, you never know when we’ll get the urge to smack quarters around the kitchen floor and roll in catnip.

Tell Me

How are your money trades going? Tell me in the comments if your trades are fair or could use some rebalancing and how it affects your business.

Need Help?

If you think your trades are off course or want another look, I can help. Send me a note, tweet me, or give me a call, and I’ll be happy to work with you to move your business forward.


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