I’ve been back at the drawing table and have some good things to show for it. This House Wren is Prismacolor colored pencils on smooth bristol.

It’s a combination of birds and a theme from years ago: ribbons. It’s monochromatic in browns and yellows with some black and white. It felt good to combine the two things and see what happened.

After the splashy paintings, I wanted delicacy and lightness and this does that nicely – I’m especially pleased with the white space. It’s finished size 8 x 10. The gray shadow is from the scanner – I’ll have to rescan to use this for cards or prints.

This is the first of four, with three completed. They’re all monochromatic and three are finished. I’ll post the others soon.

The Blue Jay watercolor from a couple posts ago is ready and in my Etsy shop as a notecard. Bonus for you: buy a package of cards (any of them) and let me know you’re a reader here (just type the word “blog” into the notes/instructions) and I’ll send you a free gift with your purchase!

One last thing! I’m working on moving this blog over to my main website and it’ll be ready soon. Of course, I’m still working out the technical stuff but will keep you posted. It’s looking good and it’s going to be nice to have everything under one “roof.”