The fake fruit transformation is complete and they’ve landed in their new home so I can share the reveal now. These photos were taken by the lovely and talented Kate from Kate’s Curios (@kates_curio-cabinet on IG) who loves and shares vintage glass ware. Check out her feed – gorgeous stuff and you can buy some too!

This set of fruit was inspired by her vintage vibe and the idea of Della Robia fruit with that rich, luxe feel. I lightened them up a bit to keep them from being quite so dark.

I started with artificial fruit to get a faster start and coated them with gesso and tissue paper mache.

Then, basecoat and color coat in a closely related palette to keep it all cohesive.

Imitation gold leaf for shine! It’s the only thing that really gives that true metal shine but it’s such a pain to work with LOL

A couple coats of sealer and they’re off to their new home!

Process photos: