Go Ahead, Say It – You Know You Want To!: A Journal to Speak Your Mind

Do you need a place to say exactly what you think – a place to speak your mind freely? I made this fun journal just for you!

Now you can write down that snappy comeback you thought of or say that thing you wished you had or tell something to someone you can’t now.

This journal is for all those things and more. Speak freely in these pages and write down what comes to mind. Use the big bubbles to say, or scream, what YOU think and then use the journaling space to make notes about who, where, when and how you’re feeling about it.

Get your blank journal with speech and thought bubbles plus blank lines for writing your own words and thoughts right here on Amazon. It’s a perfectly sized 5.5″ x 8.5″ 55 page journal has a high-quality matte cover and makes a wonderful gift, present, or personal notebook –Go Ahead, Say It!