These magical mixed media trees are inspired by the winter forest behind my house. No snow, just bare trees against the winter sky, but I see the color and life in them as they’re waiting. They hold a quiet magic, a promise of spring to come.

In this series of three, titled “Winter Forest,” I’ve used some different techniques and materials to capture this hidden vibrancy. The backgrounds are light and textured, an atmosphere for the trees to emerge. I’ve used soft washes and veils of warm colors in the background to contrast with the solidity and quietness of the tree forms. They’re all created in my usual multi-layer style with collage, texture, mark making and other techniques for a highly tactile quality.

The trees themselves are blends of color in their abstracted shapes and their forms are suggestive rather than realistic, some curvy and organic, others branching out with dynamic energy. My intention was to bring in the expressiveness I’m aiming for and capture something of the spirit of the trees – their inner life and magic.

These are part of my ongoing exploration of a more expressive style, moving further into the realm of magical realism and outsider art. As with the trees themselves, I’m trying to let go of a strict focus on realism and embrace the power of symbols and intuition. Crescent moons, stars, and orbs or dots, all symbols that resonate strongly with me, weave their way into the compositions, adding a layer of mystery and enchantment.

Come into this winter forest of magical mixed media trees with me and see the beauty that lies beneath the surface and feel the quiet hum of life that persists. I’m honored and grateful for your company on this creative journey.