New in the Studio: mixed media abstract flowers!

There are three main themes I keep returning to as I work: Orbs & Pods, Figures & Portraits, and what I call Flora which includes fruit and vegetables, plants and trees and now – mixed media flowers! It surprises me that I haven’t really explored florals yet.

Of course, it’s spring in the mountains and the flowers are catching my attention, just as the winter trees did in the recent Winter Forest series. It’s part of the nested cycles of nature and creativity and being receptive to the signs and seasons around me. As I’ve worked toward being more aware of, and open to, these cycles, urges and subtle shifts, my creative and studio practice has become much more satisfying and rewarding.

Mixed Media Abstract Flowers

This painting is the first of what will probably become a small series. It’s based on the layers, texture and distressed surfaces that I love in all my mixed media work with the flowers being abstracted out of the picture space. At 11 x 14, it’s not a large painting but allowed me to start to explore the idea of flowers.

I like the freedom and energy in this one though the color scheme is still a little somber. The more subdued colors relate to the Winter Forest series to make it a transitional work, very much like how the seasons transition.

Mixed media abstract flowers orange-red flowers on light green background

The beginning of a new creative cycle usually means the beginning of several paintings in a series. The energy of creating is so strong and enticing and I’ve learned to listen and lean into that call. So, that means there are more floral paintings in progress and I’ll be sharing their progress as they move along.

A Shiny Journal

Because it’s Spring and I’m fascinated with flowers, I want to share this little journal with you. I made this for myself when I couldn’t find what I wanted: a small journal with space for both writing and drawing on the same page. This one has pages with a space at the top for sketches and lines at the bottom for notes. The print on the cover is one of my watercolor doodles from several years ago and it still makes me happy to see it.

It’s perfect for unfussy notes, sketches, lists, and other ephemeral things and is small enough to tuck in a bag to go with you. If you’re looking for an archival sketchbook, the paper in this one won’t work. I even rip pages out of mine for lists and the occasional collage material.

It’s available on Amazon right here!

Shiny Designs Signature Print Journal