Hey There!

I hope you’ve been well! I’ve been pretty busy this last bit with putting together the Spring Edition of the Creatopia Magazine but still managing to paint most days.

News from the Creative Front

As I mentioned, those pesky new ideas! I’ve been on a tear with orbs and pods for a while now and have started a new seires for a solo show coming up this summer. I had thought it was going to be in the same line but now this idea has come along and just WILL NOT leave me be. So, I’ll have to let it out and see what it does…

I’m not ready to name it yet but that red fellow up there is an early expression of it and here’s another flavor of it that will probably be painted over or scrubbed off.

mixed media painting of skellie with lights and striped ball

Last But Not Least

The magazine! It’s a LOT of work but I’m always proud of it – the Spring 2023 theme is “Fresh” with a beautiful orange, lavendar and chartreuse green color scheme. We have three guest creators, a special book insert and we talk about AI creativity! The preorder page for print copies is here and I’ll let you know when the free digital copy is out.

It’s been busy here and I’d love to hear what you’re working on and thinking about. As always, just click reply to send me a note or head over to the new comments section and leave a comment. Either way, I love to hear from you and answer each one – see you soon!

Shine On!