What’s up with you? Still going slow here: I’m back in the studio to paint and am feeling the urge to do papercrafts right now.

Work in Progress

There’s always something in progress – I’m a serial project starter – and work on things in cycles. Right now, I’m meeting these little creatures in my paintings. They’re part of my exploration in bringing watercolor to mixed media in a way that preserves as much of the lightness and beauty of the medium as possible.

The little fellow in the image up there was sketched with a Stabilo All (one of my all-time favorite supplies!) and then painted with watercolor. I’m experimenting with using watercolor ground – a thick-ish, white medium – to get the effect of subtle colors and washes. I’ve used a commercial version and have made my own as well with similar results. It’s kind of toothy, can be textured and is different than working on watercolor paper. Still lots to learn!

Papercrafts for the Win!

Because of the itch to work with all the paper, I’ve got a new batch of goodies for the #CreativityExchange and the new #HappyMailClub. They’re variations on a theme of creative generosity and collaboration. Here’s the run down:

  • The Happy Mail Club – You’ll receive an envelope in the actual, postal mail from me every month. It will have an assortment of things from my creative practice: studio ephemera straight from my own worktable, fun things I’ve found, the occasional Zine, samples from my books, my custom designed stickers and so much more. It’s only $9.99 for a lovely packet of creative joy! Spaces are limited so sign up soon
  • The Creativity Exchange – Fancy something more adventurous? This is the option for you! Do your thing – Share it – I’ll send you art! Yes, it really is that simple. I want you to create and I’ll share my creativity with you. Read more here!

Click reply and let me know what you’re doing – it makes my day and I answer every email!

Create Your Joy!


PS Let’s make stuff! Join me in the Shiny Designs #HappyMail Club and we’ll create together. Get your monthly envelope of creative joy straight from my studio!

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